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Executive Team

Doug Giarde, Chief Executive Officer, started his career with Lundberg in 1984 and has been President since 2009.  Doug has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington, as well as an MBA from Seattle University. During his career he has held various technical, production, and management positions within Lundberg, allowing him to develop technical expertise in a wide range of Lundberg technologies.

Dan Bloom, Chief Technical Officer, heads the process engineering and technical sales support for Lundberg while also being involved in general management. Dan received Bachelor's degrees in Pulp and Paper Technology and Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington. Dan is a 30+ year veteran of Lundberg serving in various roles from process engineering, project management and business development to general management. Throughout his career he has been involved in all the various technologies offered by Lundberg.

Richard Sroda, Chief Operating Officer, leads the production department engineers, project managers, contract services, purchasing, and field service engineers. Richard received a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Richard is a 25 years veteran of the pulp and paper industry; he has served in various leadership and operations management roles for companies like Stora Enso, Consolidated Papers, Wausau Papers and Boise Papers. Richard has significant experience in chemical Kraft pulping, recycle pulping, mechanical pulping and specialty paper manufacture. Richard has participated in several M&A investigations and strategy development at the regional and global level. Richard has significant project management experience in both pulp and paper, including restructuring the Stora Enso pulp mill in Wisconsin Rapids to all hardwood production, modernizing the Consolidated papers Kimberly Mill stock preparation area and converting the Consolidated Papers PM5 to Specialty Paper production.