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Lundberg is a leading supplier of evaporation technology. Applications of our technology include: full sets with integrated condensate strippers and high solids concentrators, reconfiguration of your existing evaporator systems, blow heat pre-evaporation systems, and flash evaporators. The technology utilized is matched to the specific requirements of each application.

We offer a full range of tubular evaporation technologies, including: falling film, long tube vertical, and enhanced flooded forced circulation designs. Our experience in evaporation ranges from ethanol production to classical softwood or hardwood kraft black liquor systems found in paper mills. We are also proficient in dealing with difficult to evaporate liquors, such as wheat straw and bagasse. 



Lundberg provides falling film evaporator technology for use in many applications. Falling film technology has certain advantages over rising film technology. It is suitable for use in high solids applications where higher heat transfer coefficients are necessary and where a greater turn-down ratio is required for operational flexibility. Also, falling film bodies distribute fluids across the tube bundle via a distribution tray. This ensures wetting of all the tubes and minimizes dry spots so that the falling film body is more resistant to scaling.

Multiple Effect Evaporators

Lundberg provides multiple effect evaporator technology for use in many different applications. Our system design is based on our extensive experience with both the modification of existing evaporators and building new installations. Each project is fully customized to the customer’s process requirements. Lundberg will use a mix of available technologies to provide a system that optimizes cost, efficiency and reliability.


Lundberg supplies the REX forced circulation crystallizer for evaporator systems where high solids are required. The REX system includes spiral tube inserts, which disrupt the boundary layer at the tube wall, causing turbulent flow in the tubes even at high viscosities. The advantages include high heater transfer coefficients, lower tube velocities, and a reduction in required horsepower compared with other high solids crystallizer designs.


Pre-evaporation systems utilize low-level waste heat to evaporate weak liquor prior to the main evaporator train. Three heat sources are most often utilized in a pre-evaporator system: heat from a blow heat system, heat from a standalone concentrator, or heat from a continuous digester extraction liquor flash tank. A Lundberg pre-evaporator can improve steam economy and/or increase evaporator capacity.