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Sulfur Burners

The generation of sulfur dioxide from burning elemental sulfur has a wide range of applications. It is used in the pulping process as well as other industries from wet corn milling to soap manufacturing. The Lundberg system is suitable for all of these applications.
The size of the system is suited to the mill application, and the range of sizes offered is from 1 ton per day to above 60 tons per day sulfur dioxide.

Feed to Lundberg’s Sulfur Burner system can be solid sulfur or molten sulfur. The molten sulfur is fed directly or from a sulfur melter and is combusted in a pressurized chamber using atomizing air. This results in a high combustion temperature as well as a high sulfur dioxide concentration, thus minimizing sulfur trioxide generation. The combustion products may be cooled for absorption into water or a caustic solution. Furthermore, the hot sulfur dioxide gas may be air quenched and sent to a sulfuric acid plant. The system is designed for complete automation so that changes in the sulfur dioxide demand are compensated for directly in the amount of sulfur burned. The system is operated under pressure so that an induced draft fan is not required in most applications.