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Chemical Processing

Lundberg has a variety of chemical processing solutions to address both byproduct recovery and chemical production requirements for an assortment of processes.

Byproduct Recovery & Chemical Production

Byproduct recovery is an important source of revenue for many facilities and Lundberg has a full range of equipment to optimize the recovery of valuable materials, including tall oil soap and turpentine. We also provide systems to produce oxidized white liquor and sulfur dioxide, which can be repurposed for a broad range of industrial and commercial uses.

White Liquor Oxidation

Lundberg offers pulp and paper clients both air and molecular oxygen white liquor oxidation systems. When White liquor comes into contact with oxygen, sodium sulfide is oxidized to form sodium thiosulfate. The oxidized liquor becomes a caustic source for a number of different mill systems, including oxygen delignification of pulp and incinerator flue gas scrubbing. Lundberg’s patented air oxidation system is a two-stage process within one tank to maximizes chemical conversion efficiency.

Sulfer Burners

The generation of sulfur dioxide by combusting elemental sulfur has a wide range of industrial applications: fungicide, disinfectant, and food preservative for fruits and wine. It is also used in some wood pulping process and as a bleaching agent for paper, textiles, oils, etc. Our system can utilize either solid sulfur or molten sulfur as a basis for the process. The molten sulfur is combusted in a pressurized chamber using atomizing air. This results in a high combustion temperature as well as a high sulfur dioxide concentration, minimizing sulfur trioxide generation. The system is designed for complete automation so that changes in the sulfur dioxide demand are compensated for directly in the amount of sulfur burned.

Turpentine Recovery

Lundberg is the leading supplier of turpentine recovery systems. Our systems are designed to recover turpentine from digester flash and relief gases, thermomechanical pulping heat recovery systems and flash digester pre-evaporation systems. Our systems provide dry, low sulfur turpentine suitable for sale.

Ash Treatment Systems

Lundberg’s ash treatment system is a state-of-the-art solution for plants looking to reduce chloride and potassium levels in their recovery cycle. Our systems are designed to maximize the recovery of sodium back into the system while minimizing chloride and potassium levels. These systems can be a key part of strategies to maximize your recovery boiler’s uptime while minimizing chemical makeup costs.

Tall Oil Soap Recovery

In kraft softwood pulp mills, tall oil soap is a valuable byproduct as well as a toxin in the wastewater treatment system. Lundberg has a full range of equipment to optimize the recovery of soap from black liquor, de-aeration of the recovered soap and removal of black liquor from the soap. Not only do these systems provide a better quality of soap, they also reduce shipping costs and the chemical consumption during acidulation.