Engineered solutions for your critical pulp mill applications

Lundberg has 80 years of global experience engineering systems that improve operational efficiencies, expand plant capacity, and reduce pollution emissions. Our commitment to the industry and the experience of our staff give us the expertise that our clients have come to rely on.


Our Capabilities


Customized pollution control solutions.

Energy Savings

Reduce energy costs through heat recovery.


Pre-evaporation to multiple effect evaporation trains.

Chemical Processing

Byproduct recovery and chemical production.

Environmental Systems

Lundberg is a leading supplier of customized air pollution control systems. Lundberg designs and builds systems for the control of non-condensible gases, VOC’s, HAP’s and particulate matter. Lundberg offers a range of project options from studies and process engineering to complete EPC projects.

Energy Savings

Lundberg delivers practical, economically sound solutions for lasting energy efficiency. We work with a broad spectrum of clients to create efficiencies in their manufacturing facilities. We help lower greenhouse gas emissions, drive down operating costs, and eliminate costly maintenance issues. We can customize a plan that reduces your organization’s impact on the environment while also saving money and improving your bottom line. Lundberg has helped our clients reduce costs through efficient applications of our technologies, as well as through recovery and efficient use of waste heat and low-level energy sources.


Lundberg is a leading supplier of evaporation technologies. Applications of our technology include: full sets with integrated condensate strippers and high solid concentrators, reconfiguration of your existing evaporator systems, blow heat pre-evaporation systems, and flash evaporators. The technology utilized is matched to the specific requirements of each application.

We offer a full range of tubular evaporation technologies, including falling film, long tube vertical, and enhanced flooded forced circulation designs. Our experience in evaporation ranges from ethanol production to classical softwood or hardwood kraft black liquor systems found in paper mills. We are also proficient in dealing with difficult to evaporate liquors, such as wheat straw and bagasse.

Chemical Processing

Lundberg has a variety of chemical processing solutions to address both byproduct recovery and chemical production requirements for an assortment of processes. Byproduct recovery is an important source of revenue for many facilities, and Lundberg has a full range of equipment to optimize the recovery of valuable materials, including tall oil soap and turpentine. We also provide systems to produce oxidized white liquor and sulfur dioxide, which can be repurposed for a broad range of industrial and commercial uses.

Engineering Capabilities

Lundberg has the resources and ability to meet the needs of your project, no matter what they are. From small engineering studies to large multi-million-dollar turnkey installations, we have a proven track record of dependably delivering on time and on budget.

Engineering Studies and Audits

Process analysis and optimization.

Process Engineering & Major Equipment

Vessel, piping and engineering design services.

EPC Services

From concept through commissioning and turnover.

Aftermarket / Spares

Parts, service and repairs.

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