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NCG Systems

Lundberg designs state of the art Non-Condensible Gas handling systems for Dilute, Concentrated, and Stripper Off Gas systems. These systems are designed for the safest possible operation and to meet the most stringent environmental regulations, and to minimize potential venting episodes.

The advantages of a Lundberg system include:


  • Our systems are designed to collect, transport and treat the waste gases safely and efficiently.
  • High system availability easily meets and exceeds the U.S. EPA’s new RTR requirements
  • Thermal oxidation of the waste gases can be achieved in the recovery boiler, power boiler, lime kiln or a dedicated incinerator.
  • The systems are designed to meet or exceed BLRBAC when firing the waste gases in the recovery boiler.
  • Scrubbing of acid gases after oxidation can also be provided.
  • Systems can be designed with automatic ventless transfer between various incineration points.
  • Our systems are designed to minimize the intrusion of excess air into the vent system.
  • System interlocks are designed to protect both personnel and system integrity.
  • Piping and drainage systems are designed to eliminate the potential for condensate build up in the piping and other equipment.