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Lundberg is a leading supplier of customized air pollution control systems.

From Studies to Turnkey Installation

Lundberg designs and builds systems for the control of non-condensible gases, VOC’s, HAP’s and particulate matter. Lundberg offers a range of project options from studies and process engineering to complete EPC projects.

NCG Systems

Lundberg is the leading supplier of non-condensible gas (NCG) ventilation systems in the pulp and paper industry with decades of experience. This includes extensive experience with collecting all types of NCG sources, including High Volume Low Concentration (HVLC), Low Volume High Concentration (LVHC), and Stripper Off Gas (SOG.).

Black Liquor Oxidation

Lundberg pioneered the science of black liquor oxidation in the pulp and paper industry more than 45 years ago. The purpose of black liquor oxidation is to remove residual Na2S in black liquor by oxidizing it to the stable sodium thiosulfate prior to a direct contact evaporator. We have developed two separate approaches to system design. Where space is not an issue, oxidation occurs in two equal sized tanks in series. Where space is constrained, the use of concentric tanks allows for a two-stage operation with a smaller footprint. Systems are generally designed for higher liquor solids to avoid foaming issues.

Condensate Stripping

Steam stripping of foul process condensates is recognized as an efficient method for the removal of methanol, Total Reduced Sulfur (TRS) compounds and other Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). Lundberg has standalone designs and systems that can be integrated into your existing evaporator train or other mill process to optimize energy efficiency. Our stripper systems can supply clean condensates for reuse in your process, and also be equipped with liquefaction systems to allow for capture and reuse of condensed volatiles in the system.