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Lundberg has the resources and ability to meet the needs of your project, no matter what they are.

Engineering Capabilities Meet Clients’ Expectations

From small engineering studies to large multi-million-dollar turnkey installations, Lundberg has a proven track record of dependably delivering on time and on budget. Our engineering audits can help you troubleshoot an existing system, or develop a project scope for a new system.

Once a system is purchased, Lundberg will provide the process design for your system, as well as design and supply all of the equipment necessary for the proper operation of the system. We also offer complete detailed engineering design services, including civil, mechanical, piping, instrument and electrical. And Lundberg offers installation services ranging from onsite construction managers to complete EPC projects.

Engineering Studies and Audits

Lundberg will perform an audit on your existing plant system for a number of purposes, including: cost reduction strategies for process systems, increasing system capacity, system safety, system efficiency, improving stability of ease of operation, and troubleshooting and interfacing one system with another or a future system. Each audit is tailored to the specific needs of the client and may comprise of a number of the areas listed.

Process Engineering and Major Equipment

Lundberg provides process engineering services principally in conjunction with a process system purchased from Lundberg. However, we do provide process engineering services in the form of performance audits and studies on existing systems. Lundberg’s typical process engineering scope includes process flow diagrams, piping and instrument diagrams (P&IDs), equipment drawings, instrument specifications, general arrangements, and operations and maintenance manuals.

Lundberg also supplies all the major equipment for process systems purchased from us. Our scope of supply can also include pumps and motors, instruments, process piping, support steel, access platforms, etc.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Services

Lundberg is a leading supplier of EPC projects. Every major system that we provide is suitable for installation on a turnkey basis. The project may be as small as the replacement or re-tube of a heat exchanger up to the installation of a complete process system. The advantages of an EPC project for the customer are direct communication between the vendor and end user, reduced design mistakes resulting from lack of process understanding, reduced project price, fixed lump sum contract price, and faster project schedule. 

Aftermarket & Spare Parts

Lundberg offers a comprehensive array of aftermarket services. We offer inspections, rebuilds, spare parts, and product improvements for all process systems and equipment within our areas of expertise.