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High Concentration Sodium Bisulfite Production

Exceeding strict government emissions requirements.

Dates: 2012 – 2016
Solution Type: Environmental & Chemical processing / by-product recovery

Project Overview

Lundberg employed its high-efficiency sulfur burner to produce sulfur dioxide gas.  This sulfur burner is designed to produce the minimum amount of sulfur trioxide (SO₃) byproduct, which can potentially contaminate the product with sodium bisulfate, as well as lead to higher emissions. 

The gas was subsequently rapidly cooled, again using a process to prevent the formation of sulfur trioxide, and then further cooled to the proper temperature for reaction with caustic to produce a high concentration sodium bisulfite solution. 

The supply included design and specification of all hardware, instrumentation and controls.  All vessels were fabricated and supplied by Lundberg. 

The overall system design targeted high efficiency sulfur use (recovering over 99% of sulfur into  sodium bisulfite solution) and consequently exceeded the strict emissions requirements of the Maryland Department of the Environment. 

Q: Why Lundberg? 

A:  Our care and attention to customer requirements & our high efficiency burner technology.


  • Generate intermediate chemical (sulfur dioxide) on the site in a safe, enclosed manner
  • Meet or exceed strict Maryland Department of Environment emissions standards
  • Produce high concentration (43%) sodium bisulfite (SBS) solution from water, caustic, air and sulfur


  • High efficiency burner
  • Proper material selection to minimize corrosion
  • Lundberg know-how and engineering expertise


  • Sulfur dioxide emissions below 5 ppmV
  • Sulfur trioxide emissions below 5 ppmV
  • Sodium bisulfite solution at 43%
  • Over 99% of sulfer becomes bisulfite