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LDX ProvidesTurnkey CTO Acidulation Plants in Sweden

Bilbao, Spain | March 2019 --

Two major pulp mills in Southern Sweden have selected LDX Solutions as the provider of turnkey Crude Tall Oil (CTO) acidulation plants.

The LDX Solution provides a semi-continuous process that converts the soap generated during the pulping process into tall oil which is then sold to refiners for conversion into biodiesel, lubrication products and additives.  The LDX plant is essentially a no maintenance solution option to the complex, high maintenance centrifuge solutions currently available on the market.  These plants will be installed and are targeted to be commissioned in Q1 of 2020.

LDX to Provide CTO Acidulation Plant in Sweden 2019

LDX Tall Oil Acidulation

For more information about these plants or any other pulp mill solution offered by LDX Solutions, please contact our European Sales office located in Bilbao at Tlf: +34 94 480 02 42.